Cannabis, also known as Cannabis sativa, is the word used for a plant that contains a certain chemical and is the substance that gives the euphoric feeling that people who smoke cannabis can get. Although in reality the source of the euphoria depends on the variety of the Cannabis plant and the quality of the dosage consumed by the user, there are no other considerations.

Users typically think of themselves as stupid and they have mistaken their own self-esteem to be the benefit of using the cannabis. Cannabis is not something that people feel a need to try out. Most of the time it is perceived as illegal substances that are meant to be used by criminals.

However, according to survey data, 75% of all drug users know what they should do and what they shouldn’t do with the cannabis. Many of them also recognize the different effects of taking the cannabis.

These users are often seen as medical-crazy people. It is understood that these users have never been educated about the dangers and the consequences of marijuana use. A lot of these users are also given prescriptions, which would mean they are restricted to less important activities like getting the latest celebrity gossip from a social networking site.

The fact that many drug users feel shame about what they do and what drugs are not only humiliating, but also creates a bad image of users. This situation is totally wrong because it is no use and it won’t help anybody.

However, the most common misconception about the substance is that it is something that you can buy and that will automatically make you stop your bad habits. As stated earlier, it is just an intellectual view, and there are many factors that make people see it this way.

The fact is that there are things that you need to recognize in order to judge what your life should look like. Marijuana is not an alien substance that you should be scared of. The only thing that you should be scared of is making a bad decision without looking into the consequences.